The Corner Bench Chronicles: Story II

It’s a super blustery September 10th, and fall is busy making some changes to these hot days. I’m not in the corner booth at Durango’s second best coffee shop but relaxed on the futon at home, listening to thunder. Thanks to the rain, no doubt, I finally got around to writing something this month. It’s a poem. Enjoy!


Man in the mountains

Tectonic plates crash and up goes the land.

Mountains thus form into what we see stand.

Time passes slowly as glaciers recede.

Water works wonders on rocks that it feeds.

Jutting from valleys and causing divides

Are backbones, ridges, and rough, jagged spines.

Called to the peaks by these awesome results,

Man does his best by creating big sports.

From skis to bikes, pickaxes to helmets:

Gear, you need – and a GoPro to film it.

What’s there to be filmed, you wonder aloud?

Why, the gnar to be shred! Have you a doubt?

For games are found in these mountains above:

Follow your feet, and remember your gloves!

On the summit - British Columbia, Canada

On the summit – British Columbia, Canada


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