The Great Wall of Joy’s Jobs

I have a very complex work history that I’d like to share with you now. Please enjoy the following Bricks in the Wall.

Note: the (*) connotes an award for that position. 

1999, AD

Brick I: gift-wrapper for toy store in Jackson, MS (*Best Job for 15-Year-Old Girl)

1999 – 2002

Bricks II – XXI: babysitter

2001 – 2002

Bricks XXII – XXIII: workstaff at Lake Forest Ranch, summer camp in Macon, MS (*Best Memories Job)

Bricks XXIV – XXX: random stints as copy girl/phone services for financial planning firm Summit Wealth Group


Brick XXXI: snack bar attendant at Fargo Country Club, ND

Brick XXXII: apartment cleaner and housekeeper, Fargo, ND (*Grossest Job EVER)

Brick XXXIII: server at Jackson Hole Country Club, WY (*Shortest Job – 6-Hours)


Brick XXXIV: server at Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor-Gulch, Beaver Creek, CO (*Best Paying Job)

2007 – 2009

Brick XXXV: landscape designer and implementer, Eagle, CO

Bricks XXXVI – IVXIX: barista at Yeti’s Grind, Eagle, CO (*Best Coffee)

Bricks that are too exhausting to number: hostess, bookseller, server, and NASTAR supervisor whilst supporting myself in Vail Valley (*Most Jobs at One Time)

Brick L: volcano guide, Antigua, Guatemala (*Most Dangerous Job)

Brick LI: server at Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, MT

Brick LII: horse vet technician, Palm Beach, FL (*Worst-Life-Decision Job)

Brick LIII: marketing director at struggling framing shop in Wellington, FL

2010 – 2012

Bricks LIV – C: adventure guide and sales manager, Arizona Outback Adventure, Scottsdale, AZ (**Most Fun Job)

2012 – current 

Brick CI: first official writing gig producing content for Insight Cuba brochure, remote work whilst summering in Whistler

Brick CII: program coordinator, Dragonfly Outdoors, Hong Kong (*Goofiest Job Ever)

Bricks CIII – CV: stint as flower and phone book delivery girl, Durango, CO

Brick CVI: landscaper, Down to Earth, Durango, CO (*Most Physically Demanding Job Ever)

1/2 Brick CVII: railroad museum attendant, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge, Durango, CO (*Easiest Job Ever)

Other 1/2 Brick CVII: salesman for Your Running & Tennis Store, Durango, CO (*Only Job I’ve Ever Been Fired From)

And the mortar between the bricks since August 2012 has been an exciting combination of writing, photography, art, and team-building gigs that eventually formed the foundation and steam for joy: the conglomeration of all of these experiences that make me adaptable to one million industries and inspired by the challenge of working with various clients. Thanks to all who have contributed!


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