3035 Tidewater Lane – Madison, Mississippi

Two quiet days  spent with two quiet Grandparents in a quiet neighborhood is in a word, quieting.

J.L. and Betty Morris are sixty-one comfortable years into holy matrimony. They enjoy traveling (road trips mostly) to visit beautiful gardens and beautiful grandchildren. When not away though, their days move in time with the clock, fine-tuned down to the minute. Change is accepted when it comes to the weather, seasons and toothbrushes, but if it can be helped, they’re just fine with routine, thank you very much.

Supper is served just after the evening news. J.L. shuffles into the kitchen to fill the tea glasses with ice while Betty puts the finishing touches on a superbly healthy meal. This particular evening features Brussels Sprouts, black-eyed peas, cornbread and chicken. Salad greens drizzled in Dorothy Lynch Fat Free Dressing and conversations about the prettiest potential First Lady candidates grace the table while plates are cleared.

Afterwards, dishes are carried to the sink. J.L. rinses and loads and scrubs and rinses again, while Betty dries and puts away. This is a tradition not to be messed with, even if you’re only trying to help. It’s best to simply watch and capture this sacred ritual on camera and be thankful for simple joys found in the kitchen of two old souls who’ve mastered something profound: the art of being content.


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